Tomb Raider: 10 Important Life Lessons From Lara Croft's Reboot

Tomb Raider Since Tomb Raider's reboot earlier this year, many gamers have put in the hours to see Miss Croft through her latest adventure. Sure it was a great time, spent surviving the less-than-friendly Japanese island, but more importantly; what have we learnt from this adventure? We are often told that video games are to blame for various issues in society, so here we are going to take a look at the lessons we can take from playing Tomb Raider and see how we can use them in our day to day lives. So if you haven€™t played the game yet, avoid this article, *spoilers*.

10. Wildlife Contains Metal

Tomb Raider Deer One of the first things that Lara educates us about is that animals contain scrap metal. If you thought that deers were full of blood, bone and internal organs, then you€™d be wrong, inside of that fleshy exterior hides a few rusty bolts, half a spanner and some sheet metal. The same goes for other apparently fleshy creatures, such as rats, boars and wolves, all of them are accommodating a healthy metallic package. It€™s now time to rewrite the biology textbooks, thanks Lara.

9. Ice Tools Are Handy

Tomb Raider Ice Axe This is probably the most useful object you could possible buy this weekend. They are fairly cheap and they have a whole range on uses. Just one can be used to open things, like doors or large metal chests, the type you might see everyday. Zipping down wires becomes a dream, much better than using a gun like some other adventurer might. Climbing is great, not just on ice, but solid rock too, with just one ice tool! And of course they are brilliant if you want to ram something into the jugular of anyone you don€™t like the look of, a must buy!
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