Top 10 Free iPhone Apps [16th - 22nd June]

8. Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution (Down 6)

Inspired by the highly popular, and sometimes controversial, programme Top Gear, the BBC have brought to us a free app that allows the player to undertake some of the crazy challenges that the show€™s presenters and The Stig have set out for us. You have the options to buy different cars and upgrade components to enable you to complete the quests within the given time. Not only do you get to do this with cars, you also get to have fun with strangely constructed vehicles that you would have to have a death wish to get behind the wheel of in real life. Throughout this you have to try and get the show as many viewers as possible by performing these tricks. Something to pass the time with at the very least.

7. Angry Birds Space Free (New Entry)

This is the free version of the massively popular game Angry Birds in Space - basically an attempt to entice you in and unlock the full game. In this version you are treated to the first episode of the game which has 10 gravity defying level to it, and you have the obligatory green pigs which you need to defeat in order to defend the egg shaped asteroid. To do this you enlist the help of the formidable Angry Birds, including new character additions. Starting off in a sling shot these fearless red fowl are itching to be fired off into space to obliterate the defences of the green piggies and the fact that they are in space has some unusual effects on their flight path. Each of the asteroids that you fly past has its own gravitational pull so you're required to put a little bit of extra effort and thought into the game than in previous versions. Of course, when you reach the end of the free levels you are left itching for more, and for 69p to unlock the full version it's a steal. You will spend hours aplenty teaching those pesky pigs a lesson!

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