Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusives

10 gaming franchises that reward your faith in Microsoft's console.

Each console has its own exclusive titles, which other consoles never get their hands on. Nintendo's consoles have the Mario and Zelda games, the Playstation 3 gave us Uncharted, and the Xbox 360 released the Halo, the Gears of War series, amongst others. Here are ten of the best Xbox 360 exclusives, released on disc and via the Xbox Live Marketplace, so far.

10. Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon was met with rather mixed reviews upon its release. Many critics believed that the game was missing strong characters, and devoid of a gripping story, so perhaps to many of you, this would not make it into your own lists. However, in my opinion at least, Blue Dragon is worth persevering with. After its slow opening, the game picks up, and is quickly crafted into an enjoyable RPG with an excellent musical score. Blue Dragon was also the first ever Xbox 360 title to utilise multiple discs, giving gamers a much longer storyline, as well as space for some beautifully rendered cut scenes.

9. Tenchu Z

Set in Feudal Japan, Tenchu Z focuses on the Azuma clan, who are under the service of Lord Goda. Set in the mist of a war with neighbouring country Ogawara, players control a new recruit of the Azuma clan, who has been sent to assassinate those who are helping Ogawara. Tenchu Z contains 50 assassination missions which vary in difficulty. It provides plenty of stealth gameplay, and whilst it can get a little repetitive towards the end, it's still a great game. Click "next" below to read the next entry...
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