Top 5 HD Gaming Collections

5. Hitman HD Trilogy


Fancy hitting some men the old fashioned way? Here€™s your chance, and you€™ll look great doing it. Fans of the series may have felt that the most recent installment took a turn in an odd direction. In an attempt to hang with the cool kids, Absolution strayed away from the usual meticulous, trial-and-error based missions and went for a more fluid and casual-friendly style of play. If you were left craving the tried and tested Hitman formula then this disc is a must. The trilogy contains 2002€™s Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, 2004€™s Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money, released in 2006. It is great value for money: three games that show the series at its best, and hours and hours of man hitting fun. With so many missions and so many options within those missions, you€™re bound to find something appealing in there somewhere. The series is known for its re-playablity, and as there are so many murderous options, even gamers who played these titles the first time round will have fun, whether it€™s whacking a nerd in a basement or torching a suburban housewife. On the down side, there are some confusing gameplay ideas that appear to be a little dated. The controls aren€™t great and take some getting used to, but if you intend on playing the game at its preferred slow and methodical pace, the control scheme rarely gets in the way. The last of the bunch was released for the current generation of consoles and easily looks the best. The two others suffer for their attempts at realism, looking bland compared with the detailed environments and textures of today. The graphic don€™t hold up as well as other HD collections and environments can look bland and enemies square, but nothing that is too distracting. The disc also includes the Hitman Sniper Challenge, which was a promotional sniping mission originally available when pre-ordering Hitman; Absolution, but this is a small bonus and nothing worth writing home about.
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