Top 5 Most Addictive Games on the iPhone

One of the biggest factors in the runaway success of the iPhone are the games and apps that are available for it, transforming it more into a mobile entertainment device than just a mere phone. If you€™re one of the few people on the planet that don€™t own an iPhone, be forewarned; the addictive games for it number in the thousands and span the spectrum from puzzle and strategy games to online video poker apps. Below are just a few of some of the most addictive iPhone games available (and can all be downloaded from the App Store), many of which are perpetually listed on the top selling lists for iPhone apps and games: Angry Birds One of the top selling apps of all times, Angry Birds is a true crossover hit, appealing to iPhone owners of all ages. The basic premise is simple and takes seconds to get the hang of but many hours to master, with the touch screen used brilliantly in this game. Tiny Towers This Sims-style game lets you take over a skyscraper and add different levels to attract new residents and customers, generating cash that lets you build your skyscraper higher and higher. You€™ll need to be a hands-on owner to make sure the cash keeps flowing, though, with more and more tasks to juggle as your tower grows. Cut the Rope Similar to Angry Birds, Cut the Rope starts with simple puzzles where you cut a rope to feed candy to a green cartoon monster, using physics and gravity and other obstacles to make the task harder and harder. Doodle Jump Simple on the surface -- with the goal of keeping your little character the Doodler jumping up a never-ending series of platforms, this is another addictive game that€™s easy to pick up but very hard to put back down. Apple Texas Hold€™em Similar to the poker games you€™ll might find at Mac casinos, Apple Texas Hold€™em gives poker fans a quick and easy way to battle it out at the poker tables against a variety of computer opponents, each with their own unique betting strategies and tells that you€™ll need to pick up on.
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