Top 8 Games That Deserve Sequels.

Everyone has a game that they think deserves a sequel, here are just a few of our picks.

Everyone has one. That one game that they think needs more to be done in that universe, either via a remake or sequel. We all know of the hordes of fans calling for a certain RPG to be remade. Instead, here we will look at only a small selection of brilliant examples in gaming. By no means is this the ultimate list, as gaming is all relative, but see what you think. Take note, some titles didn€™t make the list as sequels have already been announced. So here are What Culture€™s Top 8 games that deserve sequels. 8. CHAOS LEGION Released back in 2003 for the PS2, Chaos Legion was based on the first of a series of books. The storyline was twisted, and in honesty I didn€™t follow the storyline as much as I ran about making good use of the games combat system, but it was a fun game. With the current generation of consoles a sequel or even a remake of the game could do well provided it had the right people working on it. Sadly Capcom have near enough said it won€™t happen. 7. XIIIXIII is one of those games I used to play€a lot. It had a distinctive cell-shaded style, an awesome voice cast with the likes of Adam West and David Duchovny, and the multiplayer maps were ridiculously fun. While we€™re seemingly overrun with FPS titles in recent times, even just a remake of this would be well received I think. 6. BANJO KAZOOIE I know this has had a fairly recent appearance on the 360, but it wasn€™t quite right. I€™m talking about going back to the game we had on the N64. Banjo Kazooie was one of those fun games, setting out to thwart Gruntilda€™s evil plans and collecting jigsaw pieces along the way. There is probably an element of nostalgia at work here, remembering the €˜good old days€™, but it would still be nice to see. 5. RED DEAD REDEMPTION While Red Dead Redemption hasn€™t been out long, many would agree that it was a strong game, with fun gameplay, good multiplayer, and an engaging story. And a few hilarious glitches like cougar man. So where would a sequel take us? Personally I would like to see something maybe out John€™s earlier life, or featuring the life of Jack€™s son. More about Jack€well I didn€™t like him much as a character so skipping a generation would be fine, and seeing the evolution of the world would be interesting. 4. FAHRENHEIT/INDIGO PROPHECYFahrenheit, released in the US as Indigo Prophecy, was more of an interactive experience than game at times, but the story was what made the game what it was. It was dark, captivating and often quite disturbing. But it kept you guessing, and it kept you playing. For those who know the game, the ending leaves possibility for a sequel wide open, but it has been said in the past that a sequel is unlikely to be on the cards, but hopefully the commercial success will change that. 3. GOLDEN SUN This gem was released back in 2001 and was followed by a sequel in 2002 and then another just last year. So why am I putting it on the list? Well, because the series is just that good. While it is a RPG with all the usual elements, the nice use of puzzles and the deep storylines mean that the Golden Sun series is one that could probably do well with a number of sequels as some other series have done. 2. MAFIA II This is a difficult to put in the list, not just because it was only released last year, but also because it is a sequel in its own right. However anyone who has played the game will tell you about the brilliant environment and a storyline that kept you guessing. And that€™s the problem. The way the game ended leaves so many possibilities that I would be surprised if Mafia III wasn€™t on the cards. 1. ETERNAL DARKNESS For me this will always be the ultimate game. Part psychological horror, part action-adventure, Eternal Darkness took you through a dark and twisted family history, eventually uncovering some semblance of truth by the end of it. It also featured endless hours of confusion and fun with the €˜sanity effects€™, making you question what was happening in game and what was in reality. There has been a lot of talk in the past about a sequel for Eternal Darkness with the games designer, Denis Dyack saying in 2008 that there was a strong chance of another game being made in the Eternal Darkness universe. It seems that we now play the waiting game. So, that concludes our list, what games would you want to see to have sequels?
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