Trials Evolution: 10 Alternative User Creations You Must Play

Traisl Evolution The next DLC for Trials Evolution was released today, Riders of Doom for 400 points. I recently got back into playing Trials Evolution after a few months hiatus: I felt I didn€™t have anything more to discover once I beat the majority of my friends times and scores, and unlocked all the achievements, but I was wrong. I severely overlooked the user created content that fans of the game have spent hours inside. They have managed to create some very impressive originals, and recreate certain full games with one of the most advanced track editors I have had the pleasure of wasting hours in. Let me rephrase that, I have had the pleasure of wasting hours in, by browsing and downloading other user content, as I can barely build a straight line. Aside from some truly fascinating, mind boggling and ambitiously creative tracks to drive on; the Trials community has raised the bar by offering a huge range of non-biking goodness to excite you, confuse you and laugh at. Here are just a select few of my favourites.

1. Aliens - yusuke69x

This is a nifty little first person shooter dedicated to the film phenomenon that is the Alien franchise. Welcome to the Alien world that looks like it was created for the sweded generation. The details are to be applauded though as map creator yusuke69x has managed to mould the props on disposal into a spot on likeness for the Alien creatures, complete with the incoming scream before they attack. Don€™t be expecting them to give much chase though as they are mostly static or slide in straight lines once they smash through an air-vent or window. You will still have fun shooting them into a snotty green mist until Colonel Marines arrives, if ever. You can find this under skill games and hard.

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