UFC 4 Review: 6 Ups & 3 Downs


6. Commentary Team

ufc 4

In the time leading up to UFC 4's release, a lot was made of Joe Rogan's decision to dodge commentating duties in the latest instalment of the combat sports video game franchise.

Rogan is understandably seen as the heart and soul of the typical announce team which can be heard when watching the majority of the company's events. So, how would the game cope without the podcast sensation's excellent analysis and charismatic delivery?

Remarkably well, as it goes.

Still anchored by the deeply professional and engaging Jon Anik, the game introduces Daniel Cormier as a Rogan substitute, and the biggest compliment I can pay to the former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion is that you almost instantly forget about the absence of the undeniable Voice of the UFC.

The pair seamlessly riff on everything from a fighter's history, style and the way a contest is developing in front of our very eyes without it ever feeling like a producer is pulling a string from either commentator's back to produce a repetitive sound bite. Admittedly, this could all become very stale in a few months time, but as of writing the stream of conversation they provide rarely takes away and often heightens the action in the Octagon. Which is exactly as it should be.

Rogan will always be the undisputed king of the ringside table, but DC and Anik both keeps this fight game ticking along nicely throughout.

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