Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: 10 Scary Moves That Make People Cry

As a bright, fast-paced, and colorful game, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 comes with its fair share of horrors in the form of moves.

We've all been through it. Running around frantically with our characters to avoid that one move that could make or break the match. Sweating all over our controllers in hopes of finding something, anything to avoid even seeing the move as the mere sight of it can make the screen explode as the girl from The Ring climbs out cackling insults of death at you. In a game like Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, where one hit could mean the end for your whole team and your self-esteem, scary moves rule the tide of battle. What makes these moves scary? Anything from damage, speed, to downright annoyance. I'm not talking about a move that only gets scary with the use of X-Factor, nor am I talking about a move that only gets scary with the help of an assist or as an assist. No, I'm narrowing down this list to specific moves that reek with fear the moment a slight possibility of it shows its ugly face. For background information, I'm a casual player who loves watching Marvel Tournaments including EVO 2012 that just ended. I play online where the lag makes these moves ten times worse as I usually end up scrambling around bracing for impact. So without further ado, get ready to soil your pants as I break down my list of the scariest movies in UMvC3.

10. Hsien-Ko - Rimoukon (a.k.a. Gold Armor)

Though more frightening as an assist - which I'm not counting - it's still an effective tool in Hsien-Ko's arsenal. This hyper turns the vampire a sparkly gold - how Twilight-y - and gives her about five seconds of hyper armor, which means she can do just about anything she wants in those five seconds. The reason this places number ten is because that "anything" she can do is, well, nothing. Every Marvel player knows that Hsien-Ko is low tier with her mobility being a major factor in that placement. Once she activates Rimoukon, opponents can easily avoid her for the short amount of time it lasts. Sure it's a bit scary - hence the running away - but there isn't a real fear as everyone knows they can just wait it out as Hsien-Ko desperately hops towards them. Credit where it's due, beginners get destroyed by this hyper.

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