Undertale Quiz: Are You Determined Enough To Get 100%??

Sadly, there is no save point for this one.

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Toby Fox

Once upon a time, there was a little indie game created by a young developer named Toby Fox. This game was modest in its scope but colossal in its ambition. Still, the incredible reaction to the game turned it into an instant classic and one of the medium's biggest properties, which must have been a surprise to everyone involved.

To this day, it's still being talked about.

Part of what gives Undertale its charm is the fact that it's such a well-crafted world. The Underground is populated with so many vibrant characters, quirky moments and great battles that it's impossible not to fall for it. Players became entranced almost overnight, and it led to the game developing one of the most dedicated and passionate fandoms on the internet.

So, what better way to please those who pour over every inch of this title than giving them a chance to test their mettle and see just how much they can remember about this once in a lifetime gaming experience.

FIGHTing won't get you anywhere with this one, so now is the time to ACT.

1. What Costs 1000G In The Tem Shop?

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