Visceral's New Star Wars Video Game Isn't About Han Solo, Says Lead Co-Writer

Turns out those rumours may have been nothing after all...

Star Wars 1313 Concept Art

Contrary to popular belief, Visceral's hotly-anticipated release set in a galaxy far, far away may not actually be about Han Solo, at least according to the game's lead co-writer.

In an interview with Geek League of America, Gotham and 12 Monkeys alumni Todd Stashwick was asked about his involvement in Visceral's project, and more specifically whether or not it would be focusing on Han Solo, as previous rumours had seemed to suggest.

However, Stashwick remained tight-lipped, stating only that the game is "in amazing hands," in reference to ex-Uncharted director Amy Hennig's involvement in the title. Though he did appear to struggle for comment at first when pressed on whether or not the project would focus on everyone's favourite smuggler, Stashwick reiterated that "none of that is anything we've talked about," seemingly quashing hopes for those who wished to see Solo get the triple-A treatment in the near future.


Irrespective of who actually is the lead of Visceral's project, I think it's safe to say that Star Wars fans the world over are greatly looking forward to seeing what the studio has in store. Myself included!

Are you disappointed with the apparent lack of Han Solo to come? Or were you hoping for another character to take the spotlight? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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