Wait... Is GTA 6 Announcement Coming TODAY?

Rockstar is up to something.

Adding to the never-ending barrage of Grand Theft Auto VI rumours, an apparent insider source on 4Chan has suggested that Rockstar's long-awaited sequel will be revealed TODAY, March 25th.

As always, take a rumour like this with a handful of salt, but there is admittedly a bunch of corroborating evidence that suggests the publisher is preparing for something.

First and foremost is the change in artwork on the official website, something historically done in anticipation of a new video game reveal.


Second is the fact that on March 23rd, around the same time the announce date reveal was posted, Rockstar updated all of the domains they currently own for GTA VI.

The publisher's parent company Take-Two Interactive acquired these all the way back in 2006 - which is industry standard for potential future projects to ensure no random person takes advantage of the vacancy and profits years later if/when a game gets announced - and they have usually only been updated in anticipation of a major reveal.


This whole thing could turn out to be bogus, but at least we'll know for certain by the end of the day.

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