Wait, WHAT?! Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has No Long-Term Plan

There could be more than three FF7 games.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Square Enix

With Final Fantasy VII Remake finally out in the wild, the developers behind it are unsurprisingly looking towards the project's next steps.

With the recent release only comprising a small portion of the original title, and the ending in particular offering a tantalising point for future sequels to jump off of, questions have arisen as to just how many more Final Fantasy VII games players can expect.

The answer, though, is that nobody really knows. In a translated thread on Twitter with the producer and director, it was stated:


Apparently it all depends on whether or not the follow ups will be as lengthy as this first piece of the puzzle, or shorter experiences. Either way, the creatives want the next part out 'ASAP', so hopefully fans won't be in store for yet another five-year wait.

How many games do you hope Final Fantasy VII covers? Let us know in the comments below!


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