The Walking Dead Season 2 New Trailer: 10 Eye-Catching Moments

Episode 2 lands tomorrow, and we can all expect big things...

Telltale Games sure know how to tug on our heartstrings, and that doesn't look set to change any time soon with their current season of The Walking Dead video game, the multi-episode, interactive adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic (and, frankly, the best version of that story). With the first episode of the second season, All That Remains, released in December, we're already entrenched in new protagonist Clementine's continuing tale of survival after playing as her guardian Lee in Season 1 - no prizes for guessing what happened to him... If you played the first season but haven't played the second for fear of a decline in quality, you have nothing to worry about; the story is as - if not more - gripping than ever with Clem in the lead role, and the recently-released trailer for Episode 2, A House Divided, looks to be following that trend. The trailer is full of irresistible hints about the unfolding story, and it's impossible not to be excited for the impending release of the game tomorrow (March 4th): Here are a few nuggets that stood out the most... (Oh, and spoilers for Season 1 & All That Remains, obv.)

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