Warhammer 40K Kill Team: Arena Review

The tightest experience yet.


When Games Workshop released a new boxed set of Kill Team last year, few could have seen how popular this standalone title would become. With constant support from the ever ceaseless fighting and fantasy manufacturer, a Commander's boxed set which allowed great leadership for squads AND in store tournaments, Kill Team has already cemented its place as a brilliant way to flex your military might on a table top without needing to carry 20 suitcases of models with you.

Therefore because of this almost insatiable demand, Games Workshop took the initiative and have released their second major expansion for the game Kill Team: Arena. This set looks to expand the ruleset for “ultra close” combat encounters, provides comprehensive support to help set up your own tournaments AND it comes loaded with a tonne of great scenery and battle boards which can be used to make up numerous scenarios. However, is this an ESSENTIAL purchase for Kill Team?

If you’re going purely for content in the box then yes, absolutely; the double sided modular boards are a gift from The Emperor himself (or whatever foul deity you dain to follow) and made my game nights over at friends houses infinitely more flexible. Being able to snap together boards or follow the 8 provided scenarios was quick and easy, exactly what you want from a game format designed around multiple games. A

lso provided are a tonne of scenery pieces which can either be used in your regular matches or stacked in specific ways for competitive play.

However it’s only when you start pouring through the new rule book do you realise that this is much more than simply a new selection of stomping grounds, as the contents of the quite sizable included supplement detail, update and clarify a tonne of rules in the core game. For those of you who picked up Rogue Trader there will be some familiarity, as rules for walls, line of sight and the ability to now pick WHEN to activate overwatch are listed here. It’s all designed to make fighting in extreme close quarters that much more exhilarating; and in practice it works a treat.

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