Warner Bros. Fighting Game Leak: 10 Characters We Need To See

9. Samurai Jack

Warner bros multiversus game
Cartoon Network Studios

When it comes to cult classic Warner Bros properties, for many the first thing that comes to mind is Samurai Jack.

Premiering back in 2001 on Cartoon Network, the show ran for four seasons until it was unceremoniously shelved in 2004. The fan outcry for the show proved too strong to ignore, resulting in a fifth season airing in 2017 - 13 years after its original cancellation. It wasn't just the fans clamouring for Samurai Jack's revival either, as the show has won eight Primetime Emmy Awards.

Samurai Jack has spawned three games, one of which was released as recently as 2020, as well as several tie-in comic books and even a board game. You know you've really made it when you get a board game.

When it comes to potential movesets for a character like Samurai Jack, it doesn't get much more cut and dry than a cool samurai who has an evil, shapeshifting demon as a nemesis. They could even add Aku himself as a playable character, considering his vast array of powers.

Let's just hope Warner Bros aren't careless enough to forget about Jack for a second time.


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