Watch Astonishing DEAD ISLAND Trailer The Right Way Round

Those helpful souls at IGN have recut the trailer so it runs chronologically. And it's still just as bloody good...

Wherever you go in the gaming world in the next few days and weeks, you're not likely to forget the face of the little girl above (provided you've seen the now legendary Dead Island trailer). And now, just to make things slightly easier for anyone who couldn't fathom it out, or for everyone else who want another way to celebrate the astonishingly good trailer, IGN have recut it backwards, so the events of the trailer run chronologically. Yes it slightly robs it off its dramatic effect, but it's still as astounding trailer this way round. It's also far easier to spot new details in the background which I had missed over the thirty or so watches I've given the trailer thus far. Behold, zombie fans: a feast awaits when this one gets a release date:
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