Watch Dogs: 10 Reasons It Sucks

Do you agree Watch Dogs is one of the most disappointing games of all time?

There's few things worse than getting hyped for a game, playing it, then finding yourself woefully disappointed. In a world where there are slated to be over 1500 games released on Steam this year, when a major release fails to make a good first impression, it's easy to blow it off if it doesn't seem to respect your time and intelligence. In many ways, Watch_Dogs is such a title. While it's a pretty good cobbled together open-world game, it's doesn't come across as transcendent or generation-defining title many players expected it to be. The graphics are....pretty good. The gameplay is...reminiscent of some classics but fails to make any one element truly dynamic. The controls are...okay. The plot...isn't bad...but takes longer to pick up speed than a Reliant Robin on a moderate incline. Look, Watch_Dogs is anything but objectively bad. Ubisoft is too big a studio to release a product that's trash, but it's like The Dark Knight Rises; when compared to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight it sucked hard, but was still leaps and bounds more interesting than say, The Green Lantern or Superman Returns. What this means is you, the gamer, are completely within your rights to think this game sucked and dropped the ball even though it does contain quite a bit of quality content and gets better the longer you slog through the crummy stuff. Thus, this 10 item list of those reasons you may very well have for thinking Watch_Dogs sucks, presented by someone who has benevolent feelings toward it, but can't blame you for feeling differently.
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