Watch Dogs 2: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

Finishing a mission by using a laptop from across the street? Done.

watch dogs 2

After two years of Ubisoft trying to figure out how to breathe new life into the pronounced-dead corpse of Watch Dogs, they've emerged with a completely re-skinned and utterly 're-toned' sequel - one that fixes 99% of the issues from the original.

New main character Marcus Holloway is an immediately likeable protagonist to embody, and serves as the perfect gateway into the San Francisco sect of Dedsec; the hacker group from the first game. With the crux of the game being a mix of pranks and larger-scale missions all designed to get the Dedsec brand out there, Ubisoft have given players a bevy of options in which to do so, ranging from deployable drones, to expanded hacking options, to a wider variety of items and parts of the world geometry that can be interacted with.

That said, with so many infiltration options and open-world tomfoolery on offer - what about the lesser-known secrets that aren't covered in the game's tutorial? Let's find out...


10. Exfiltrate A Target Vehicle Without Driving It Yourself

watch dogs 2

Once you've unlocked the perk that'll let you control vehicles using the forward, back and 'sharp left/right' commands, you can chain these together to 'drive' something without ever actually sitting behind the wheel.

Just get in a position so you can accurately see where you want to 'pilot' your ride (use a camera or clamber up a nearby building), then hit L1+Triangle/Y to set off, before hitting L1+Square/X or Circle/O to turn, and L1+X/A to stop/reverse again.

I managed to get van full of goods through an entire compound this way, all as I was waiting at the front gate, ready to hop in. You can also pull this off by sending in a drone and commanding the vehicle by proxy - just make sure you leave them in a place where enemies can't reach or spot too easily, as sometimes alerts will get triggered when you start messing with the game in this way.

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