Watch Dogs 2: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Must Find

Possibly the best set of easter eggs we've seen all year.

Watch dogs 2

For whatever reason - mainly a combination of generic open-world design and a godawful protagonist - the original Watch Dogs simply didn't catch on... whatsoever. Ubisoft's 'the next generation starts here' shtick fell flat on its face, and they were forced to abandon pushing the franchise as the natural successor to Assassin's Creed for two years solid.

That said, the time in between releases has afforded Ubi time to reflect, to lick their wounds, and to get back in the ring. In fact, whilst the original Assassin's Creed didn't receive quite such a pasting as Watch Dogs, we all know how much of a monumental step up AC II was to its original back in 2009.

The same can be said about Watch Dogs 2, and thankfully, whilst impressions across the board are unanimously positive, Ubisoft have crammed a staggering amount of downright awesome easter eggs, references and secrets in their recreation of San Francisco to get back in your good books.

Starting with...


15. Mark Thruss - Donald Trump

watch dogs 2

A fantastic jibe at the farcical nature of Donald Trump - which has now become all too real post-election - one of the side missions you can undertake involves clambering up and defiling a sign for politician Mark Thruss; a man who's campaign slogan is "Let's make the bay area stronger!"

Thankfully, you'll be able to stick a great big Dedsec skull over the top of Thruss' face, but it does make you wonder if Ubisoft would've gone in even harder, had they known how the election was going to go.

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