Watch Dogs 2: 6 Important Social Observations 

5. The End Justifies The Means


... using the exact same tools as Blume.

Just like Blume, DedSec also gathers information (and funds) by hacking into other peoples' phones, either during missions or with the aid of their app. In a sense, DedSec is also using questionable means, but in the end their intentions are good, which sort of validates their actions.

Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek expressed a similar sentiment, when claiming that Donald Trump's was the better choice for the Left, as he could serve as a wake-up call to the rather un-organized and divided movement. For the Slovenian, Trump symbolizes the futility of neoliberalism and political correctness.

Blume is also representative of the neoliberal agenda, as its failure is actually its success. CtOS in Chicago turned out to be faulty, DedSec hacked it and yet the system is implemented in other cities. It's similar to the actions of world banks, who reacted to the 2008 crisis by creating more elaborate financial instruments - which contributed to the crisis in the first place.


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