Watch Dogs 3 CONFIRMED - Set In London?!

Ubisoft's latest sequel could be coming sooner than you think.

Watch Dogs 3

Ubisoft apparently have four AAA games releasing between now and April 2020, and if a recent rumour is to be believed, one of those is going to be Watch Dogs 3. The previous title shipped in the fall of 2016, and the rumour - which originated on 4Chan - points towards a release around the same time this year.

Not only that, but the sequel will also apparently be set in London. The series so far has been centred entirely around the USA, with the first game taking place in Chicago and the second San Francisco. It would be a radical departure for the franchise up to this point, but it is something which has been teased by Ubisoft themselves ever since the second title hit shelves. While it might not be as tech-centred as the previous setting, London's infamous CCTV and surveillance practices will no doubt offer the perfect backdrop for Watch Dogs' hacking gameplay.

Along with a new location comes a new playable protagonist, the gender of which will apparently be up to the player. The combat focus this time around will allegedly also be on smaller firearms and hand-to-hand combat, seemingly addressing the issue many had with the dissonance between the shooter gameplay of the previous release and the way the characters were portrayed as non-violent in cutscenes.


Though anyone can make up a rumour on a message board, this specific one (or the London setting, at least) seems to have been corroborated by Kotaku's ever-reliable Jason Schreier. If it is on track to release this fall, an E3 announcement wouldn't be out of the question.


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