WB's Cancelled Arkham Knight Sequel Looked Incredible

Concept art reveals what could have been.

Arkham Knight Sequel
Warner Bros.

As the months tick on and the next games from both WB Montreal and Rocksteady remain a total mystery, we can now rule one project completely out: a Damien Wayne Batman game.

As per a recent leak, the former of those two WB-owned studios was allegedly working on a true sequel to Arkham Knight, set years in the future and starring Bruce Wayne's son. This was actually rumoured a few years ago as well, but now apparent concept art (below) from the canned project has made its way onto the Internet, alongside a whole host of gameplay and story details.

The title was allegedly going to follow on from the ambiguous ending of Arkham Knight, jumping into the future almost Batman Beyond style and pick up with a vastly different version of The Dark Knight and Gotham City.

The setting itself would have been transformed into a dystopian, run-down hive of scum and villainy (even more so than it was in the previous releases), with rejigged versions of Two Face (now 'The Judge'), a female Black Mask, Poison Ivy and Penguin all being present. Joining them would have been new villains to the franchise like Gorilla Grodd. Interestingly, the game was also set to feature an older Bruce Wayne, retired from crime fighting, acting as a mentor.

Gameplay wise, it seemed poised to follow the same formula as the previous games, only this time swapping out the Batmobile for a Batbike, and with the Nemesis system popularised in the Middle-Earth franchise bolted on for good measure.

It's still unclear how far along this project got along in development, and how reliable the information is (though other insiders have claimed it corroborates their own knowledge), but it's still fascinating to marvel at what could have been.

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