What Every Dark Souls Player Thinks Of Every Dark Souls 2 Boss!

Bear. Seek. Seek. Lest. BOSS BATTLE. DEATH.

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Dark Souls 2 is like the black sheep of the From Software family with many citing that the departure of Hidetaka Miyazaki from the project allowed a litany of mistakes to be made with the tone of the game.

From it's reliance on "Giant Armoured Dudes" to enemies that pivot nearly 360 degrees to track your attacks, many players noted that this was less on the "challenging" side of difficulty and more along the lines of "cheap".

However, one thing burned brighter than even a +10 bonfire, and that was the sheer fury of bosses within Dark Souls 2.

Each was capable of making even the mightiest player feel like a pissant, and with the vanilla experience and DLCs combined there are a whopping 41 bosses in total for you to test your mettle against.

Yet not all are created equal, and while some might be difficult to overcome, others are just difficult not to rage, or even laugh at. So let's take a look at this roster of rank and rude rumbles as it's time to look at What Every Dark Souls Player Thinks About Dark Souls 2's Bosses.

(And remember it's just a bit of a laugh)

33. The Last Giant

Dark Souls 2 Jules Thumb
From Software

Despite looking like a giant sack of flour that someone decided to kick the face in of, The Last Giant can whack out some pretty impressive damage.

However fighting it feels like beating up a toddler as it does that little tantrum stomp, falls over in a strop, and then rips its own arm off to beat you to death with.

Actually, pretty sure toddlers don't do that last part.

Regardless, putting this tyke to bed is an easy job and you could sum up it's offence as "Aw bless him, at least he's trying"


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