What Every Dark Souls Player Thinks Of Every Dark Souls Boss

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Dark Souls at its core is a very sombre and serious game. From nearly every angle you look at it, there's gloom and doom hanging over the project like a thick shroud. Dungeons filled with the living dead, once proud societies now collapsed, and of course brutal deaths around every corner.

This dark tone, alongside its challenging gameplay proved to be the perfect melting pot, and after it's release (and thanks to the work already put in by Demon's Souls), the franchise went on to become a smash hit. As you might expect, this also gave birth to a, let's just call them, "passionate", fanbase. Message boards on the title are flooded with lore expunged from every item, intricate boss guides, and of course memes so meta that you'd need to have programmed the game to even stand a chance at getting.

And you can't think of Dark Souls without thinking of its bosses, and also how unifying these gigantic guardians can be for the player base. We rally around those who find new techniques and strategies, and console those struggling to beat the big bads with the age-old chant of "Git Gud". We all know which bosses are the best, and which are just the absolute worst.

So let's take a look at what every Dark Souls player thinks of every Dark Souls 1 boss.

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