What Every Demons' Souls Fan Thinks Of Every Demons' Souls Boss

With the remaster hot on the shelves, let's see what the community really thinks.

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Can you even call yourself a FromSoft fan without having played the almighty original entry in their "HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, LOL" series of challenging adventure games?

Probably. Seeing as there are many brilliant titles that the team has gone on to develop. HOWEVER, the answer to "Should I play Demons' Souls?" will always be a resounding yes, as this first plunge into dark fantasy that went on to spawn so many other horrors, is a brilliantly balanced (if a little janky in its original form) experience that everyone should try at least once.

Hell you've almost got no excuse now that the stunning and lovingly developed remaster has dropped on the PS5! Yet whether you're a newcomer or a wise old sage of the franchise, one thing you'll love and hate with equal measure are the multitude of boss battles that block your path to progression.

And as is now common of this series, the fans (myself included) have a lot of thoughts. So let's dive in.


22. Vanguard


Echo Fighter Boo....wait a minute this is the FIRST of the "Hug the butt and stab betwixt the cheeks" bosses that FromSoft ended up loving so much!

Well in that case I take it back, thank you Vanguard yah big lej for introducing players to the meaning of pain and anyone with a bit more skill the meaning of patience as we slap your fat belly for like 10 damage a time.

Also quick question for the remake here. Did you have to make his buttcheeks SO WOBBLY?



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