What Every Star Wars Fan Thinks About Every Star Wars Video Game

Star Wars has a gargantuan presence in video games, but how does each title stack up?

star wars games

The Star Wars franchise is easily one of the largest and well known in human history. Never has something captured public interest and the hearts of millions around the world quite as well as George Lucas' Sci-Fi space opera. Endlessly quotable, infinitely replayable, his movies have gone on to shape the cinematic industry and filmmaking techniques at large.

And of course, with such a monumental success came the flood of merchandise tie-ins. Figures, clothes, lunchboxes - hell they even branded oranges for a short period (which was really weird), and in amongst all of this was a huge glut of video game goodness.

Over 150 titles are set in the galaxy far, far away. That's mightily impressive, but the question is.... are they any good? Some are classics and some aren't, but let's really dive into the Star Wars gaming library, and measure how fans responded to each and every release after they launched.

But before we begin, a few house rules:

Only games that were made by or published by LucasArts and EA will count, so no fan-made games or modded titles. "Educational" video games also won't be present because A: why would they? And B; I find the very concept of being taught grammar and sentence structure by Yoda to be laughable. Only the most notable mobile games will be making the cut as well.

So let's start this Kessel Run of titles and pray to George Lucas that we can make it through in one piece. May the Force be with us and all that.

76. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1982)

star wars games

Here we are, the game that started it all.

And... it's ok. It's obviously about as shallow as a puddle of blue milk given the console tech it was working with, plus the speed and absolutely manic controls meant you'd be flying into what is meant to be AT-AT's nine times out of ten.

But still as the first game of the entire franchise, it deserves your respect.

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