What Red Dead Redemption 2 Does Better Than Every Other Open-World Video Game

Can we now throw Ubisoft's open-world handbook in the bin?


Thanks to consumers being obsessed with the length of a title and the open-world genre, the market is crammed with explorable experiences that promise to be the 50+ hours long endeavour entitled gamers demand. Yes, while before open-world video games were a rare deity that everybody clamoured for, now they’re the hottest commodity that refuses to go away, as linear titles become more and more obscure.

The problem with this is that it has given rise to an industry lacking innovation. Be it Batman, Horizon: Zero Dawn or any other open-world/sandbox video game not called The Witcher 3, every developer steals Ubisoft’s handbook for creating the most beautiful but dull landscape stuffed with the most monotonous side activities imaginable.

But then Red Dead Redemption 2 was released. Although not a perfect game, Rockstar has still thoroughly outclassed even their biggest competition.

Open-worlds are the hardest genre to properly execute as there are a million different components that need to work simultaneously. However, thanks to endless resources, devotion and 8-years in development, Rockstar has gone well above and beyond to deliver a masterpiece that makes everything else pale in comparison.


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