What Your Favourite Call Of Duty Game Says About You

call-of-duty-logo-e1280381258529 Call of Duty is a gaming juggernaut. Every year, EA makes trucks filled with money (also, at this point the trucks are also made out of money) off of the game series. And gamers are normally happy to drop $60 on a game they already bought last year. While some games in the series have drastically changed the gaming landscape, many of the games are more of the same. Regardless of how you feel about the series, what your favorite Call of Duty game is says a lot about you. Armed with only a basic concept of psychology (I write for the internet and do stand-up comedy so my psychological state is often in question), I will do my best to piece together what your favorite Call of Duty game says about you. You probably already knew that because, well, that€™s what the article is called and I believe firmly in truth in advertising. Yes, this article will poke fun at the Call of Duty culture. Yes, some of you will be upset at me and probably wall hack the crap out of me. I€™m ok with this. Also, many of the Call of Duty games are so similar that I€™m not going to address them (the first 3 games improve upon each other but really aren€™t their own games like later games in the series, a problem many games that follow a certain historical event run into). However, I will do my best to at least please 17% of everyone who reads this article.

Call Of Duty

Ahh, yes, the game that started it all. Released all the way back in the dark times of 2003. This game made you want to run out and buy a new gaming PC (with an nVidia GeForce 4 card and Intel Pentium 4 processor). This game took place during World War 2. Immediately, gamers were hooked on the addictive multiplayer and level of detail the game brought to the often covered WW2. Other games attempted to be the definitive WW2 game, but Call of Duty cemented it€™s legacy as that game. This game also made its way into pop culture way before everyone hopped on Call of Duty€™s blood-soaked bandwagon. During the 3rd season of The Office, Jim and his office mates play the game instead of doing work. What it Says About You If the original Call of Duty is your favorite, congrats, you like your games to be classic. You don€™t need perks and red dot sights. Nope, all you need is a good World War 2 era gun and some iron sights. You probably had many late nights having LAN parties and killing other gamers online. You are a distinguished individual. If Call of Duty was a wine, it would be€umm€an expensive one that you have to go to a vineyard to get€or a classy CVS drug store. Drink up, you classy SOB.

I'm a 31 year old writer and stand-up comedian from the good ol' USA. I graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a degree in Communications that I use to to write jokes on the internet. I'm an avid gamer, media consumer, and pro wrestling fan. I'm also the co-host of the podcast Pop Culture Pizza Party, available on iTunes and Spotify