WhatCulture.com’s 10 Most Read Articles Of 2016

It wasn't all death and destruction.

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This time last year, we wrote that 2015 was "a cavalcade of devastation and tragedy that makes you wonder when it became so bloody awful being a human being." Thank God all that changed in 2016. It's just been a right rosy old time.

Except that for the past year, some of our most cherished cultural icons have been picked off one by the one, the political establishment has given way to a new wave of reactionary and frankly dangerous populism, and The Great British Bake Off moved to Channel 4. Still, there was plenty to write about.

And we did, such is our wont. And you read it. Amidst the rapid erosion of the world as we know it, there was the usual slew of quality films, games, TV shows, wrestling events, and nudey parts to keep us all entertained. Although most of you missed the bulk because you were all too busy playing bloody Pokémon Go.

To keep abreast of all these cultural developments, you flocked to WhatCulture.com in your veritable droves. What captured your attention the most? In a sort of psuedo-scientific attempt to chronicle the cultural zeitgeist of the past twelve months, here's our top ten most read articles.

2016, we'll miss ya'.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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