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Vote now for your game of the year 2011 and your independent/IOS game of the year.

2011 has been a fantastic year for gamers, bringing us a huge range of top rated software. The words 'game of the year' are often used as a marketing tool for re-releasing a title with DLC included a year after its original release but, for some it is a prestigious award that gratifies years of blood, sweat and tears. These awards are not usually a reflection of user votes but the conclusion of a panel of gaming journalists and professionals. In a bid to give a voice to our readers we are doing our own awards (most prestigious) for What Culture's Game of the Year 2011 and also our Independent and IOS Game of the Year 2011. We will be collecting votes for the next two weeks so make sure you have your say and vote for the game that you think destroyed the competition this year. But don't just vote, tell us your rhyme and reasons in the comments bellow.

Game of the Year 2011

Independent of the Year 2011

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