Which Video Games Are These Obscure Enemies From?

Do you know these obscure video game enemies only by their names? Try and find out!

2K/Double Fine/Insomniac Games

Protagonists in video games have a lot of challenges to face on their journeys, and one of the most common is battling against enemies. Big or small, scary or funny, video game enemies come in multiple shapes and sizes, some posing more of a threat than others, but always playing a significant role in the experience of playing the game.

Part of the fun of a video game world is getting to know the details of what makes it unique, and an easy way to do this for a developer is to have the player fight against creatures or people that feel completely specific to the game itself. Some video games do this better than others, but in most cases, you can quickly tell what game world you are in based on the enemies you fight. If you're against a Goomba, for example, you know you're in Mario's land.

So here is a chance to test your ability to recall some of the more obscure enemy types, and figure out what specific franchise they come from. How well do you know your video game enemies?

1. Hyperion Guard

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