Who Said It: Trevor Philips Or The Joker?

The madman of video games faces the nutjob of comics in a meeting of the one-liners.

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The age-old question: Who is more insane?

Trevor Philips, or The Joker?

We're not going to try and answer that question here today, but we are going to test your knowledge on both characters. How well do you remember Grand Theft Auto V and all of Trevor's bonkers one-liners? And are you an aficionado of The Joker in comics, games, TV, and movies?

Let's find out.

Because despite being so very similar, it's rather obvious that Trevor and The Joker would never get along. In fact, the two would probably stop at nothing to kill one another and be anointed top madman.

So let's side-step any fantasy duels and dive head-first into these funny and disturbing quotes from two of the greatest psychopaths in entertainment history.


Note: We're talking about EVERY version of Joker, from comics to animated TV and all the movies so far.

1. "I'll Swing By And Sign The Contracts, Alright? Just Ignore The Bodies!"

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