Why Brock Lesnar WON'T Be Removed From WWE 2K24

Brock Lesnar is off the cover for special editions, but might still be in WWE 2K24.

Brock Lesnar

Wrestlenomics is reporting that Brock Lesnar is unlikely to be completely removed from the upcoming WWE 2K24 video game as things stand.

Trying to remove Brock from the game's line up this late in the day could lead to a delayed release date for the game. 2K plans to launch 2K24 on 8 March, but special editions are playable as early as 5 March. The developers already removed Lesnar from the cover art, but he's likely to remain in-game.


It's understood that Brock is included in the bumper '40 Years Of WrestleMania' Showcase mode as well.

WWE has distanced itself from Lesnar following allegations made against Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis by ex-WWE employee Janel Grant. A distressing 67-page legal document included mention of an unnamed "WWE Superstar" who also had ties to UFC.


The Wall Street Journal later identified that person as Brock.

Lesnar was reportedly taken out of last month's Royal Rumble match as a result, and won't be appearing at all during WrestleMania season. It doesn't look like this will extend to the video game world though - 2K's project is already wrapped and ready for release.


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