Why Call Of Duty Is In BIG Trouble

Activision's flagship series is in for a rocky year.

The annual release of yet another Call of Duty title late in the year is almost a gaming holiday now. The series, fronted by either Infinity Ward or Treyarch (RIP Sledgehammer Games' titles, you were taken too soon), has had fluctuating success over the course of the generation.

Whilst titles such as Black Ops III, the rebooted Modern Warfare, and WWII were solid titles, we had a few missteps with Ghosts, Black Ops 4, and Infinite Warfare.

Whilst the aforementioned Modern Warfare is enjoying continued success as 2020 rolls on, we're already looking to what's next from Treyarch.

Will it be Black Ops 5? Will it be another sub-series reboot?

Are we heading to the Cold War or to Vietnam like has been rumoured? Whichever way we go, it's not going to plain sailing by any stretch, and I'll tell you why.



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