Why Elder Scrolls Will Always Be Better Than Fallout

Dragons over deathclaws, son.


It might be a way away yet, but The Elder Scrolls 6 is coming. In the distant future, guarded by dragons and oblivion gates, covered in mudcrabs and nirnroot ripe for the harvesting, it’s there - just waiting for a bold adventurer who's knees have evaded arrows long enough to save the land.

But that’s not before we get more Wolfenstein, the mouth-frothingly exciting Starfield, and of course, a game that’s actually ready for release in the near future: Fallout 76.

Set your wait bars for a good three years at the very, very least.

It’s intensely exciting to think about the next game to enter the Elder Scrolls franchise and what it can offer, with the never-ending potential of Tamriel serving up countless avenues for the game to follow.

With Bethesda’s flagship games now evenly split between Elder Scrolls and Fallout however, one has to wonder what deserves the most motherly love. The company will certainly nurture both in the coming years, but which deserves the hype... and which is starting to show its age?


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