Why MODERN WARFARE 3 Has The Best Online Multiplayer

You handed over your cash, live with it and stop annoying us who appreciate the hard work from Activison and Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Developer Begs Users For Good Reviews' and reading reviews of MW3 online a few, maybe 50 or so, people commenting saying the new multiplayer modes are terrible (well they put it stronger than that). It got me thinking, as I'm a little bit of a noob at First Person genre games, I know what to do, but just get killed all of the time. I always found that really annoying, how much fun can you really have with your scope firmly placed on one point in the map for the entire duration of the game? It makes no sense, to me and I bet I'm not the only one who doesn't see the point in 'camping'. The best thing Infinity Ward and Activision have done in MW3 is add Team Defender and Kill Confirmed, two all new game modes. I think it is an attempt at making the game fairer to all players. In many other game modes, players can simply kill 'noobs' (player who aren't very good) fairly easily and get points for the kill like in Team Deathmatch. But with the addition of Kill Confirmed, you get points for a kill but you have to collect the tags your enemy drops to help your team win. This is a far better game mode for my style or play, I like to run around the map like a madman trying o shoot any enemies I can. Another great addition is the support streak, with me charging in all guns blazing and effectively getting terminated after 4 seconds, it is a great way to reward players who can't achieve a massive killstreak but can consistently get 2 or 3 kills every other life. You could argue that this is unfair to people who like killstreak rewards but the support rewards are not as 'good' as the killstreak rewards so I think it is fair. With the edition of Call of Duty Elite (when it actually works) the game will be even better, you get tips on how to play better as well as an unprecedented breakdown of stats and rankings with a social element. If you have any comments good or bad about the all-new features in Modern Warfare 3 I'd love to hear them. To the people who dislike Modern Warfare 3... You can say it is rubbish and not worth the money but... You handed over your cash, live with it and stop annoying us who appreciate the hard work from Activison and Infinity Ward.

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