Why No More Loading Screens Could Be A Bad Thing

Not everyone is as excited to see the back of load screens as one developer speaks out.


Are we finally about to reach an age of console gaming with no more loading screens?

Sony and Microsoft would have you believe that their next-gen consoles will offer instant loading, or at least offer something that enables players to jump straight in while the world loads quietly around them. However, they promised the same thing for current gen systems too.

While developers have certainly pushed the boundaries of what current gen tech can do, loading screens and install times have been far longer than anyone would like.

So, with the introduction of SSD'S, combined with the kind of software seen in games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, where the game only renders what the player can see, as opposed to the entire world, we may finally see the end of load screens.

For so long, gamers have been waiting for the day to come, but it seems not everyone thinks that it's such a good thing.

Ryan Shah, of the indie studio Kitatus and Friends, has come out with an interesting take on the next gen consoles. Speaking with Wcctech, the developer suggests that the lack of loading screens mean players will miss out on the vital tips and tricks we usually see as we wait for the game to load up.

It's a fair point to make, as players have a tendency to skip tutorials and may not be fully aware of mechanics that the game they're playing has to offer. Without those loading screens, you may never find the secret to defeating that final boss.

It's also worth thinking about some of the artwork involved in the loading screens. Going back to Horizon: Zero Dawn, the loading screens offer tips and little else with a bland, textured backdrop. Yet, there are plenty of games that offer gorgeous artwork to look at while you wait.

Take The Outer World's, the highly stylistic loading screens offer various tips as well as engaging artwork that shows the Halcyon's opinion on your actions as you progress through the storyline.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to see the back of loading screens? Or, do you think they have an important part to play in gaming?

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