Wii U: 5 New Nintendo Announcements To Get You Excited

Wii U owners and those considering the system got a serious stimulus package last week during the Nintendo Direct press conference. Though there have been doubts about the library, the gameplay depth and the graphical power of the Wii U, those doubts have certainly become less tangible. The last two Nintendo consoles have taken a while to get off the ground to say the least. The Wii took years to have even a small library of great games, and the 3DS is just now coming into its own two years after release. The Wii U though seems to be coming straight out of the gate with a very strong showing. Between the much improved third-party support and the first-party power displayed at the conference, it seems the Wii U may finally be breaking the pattern for Nintendo. Most of these games have no official name as of yet, some are little more than a mention, but they are all very promising titles that you should take the time to check out...

5. Super Smash Brothers 4


Though it was teased at E3 2012, the newest game in the Super Smash Brothers series has been slated for an official unveiling at the expo this June. Series director Masahiro Sakurai is set to show screen-shots of the game at the Nintendo press conference during E3 2013. Though fans would certainly rather have the game playable, or even a video, many will be pleased just to see how the game is shaping up to be.

Why It's Exciting...

The previous two entries into the series have gained a cult following for their hectic and skill-reliant gameplay, being a presence at just about any large fan gathering such as Comic-Con or PAX. Long-time fans of the series will no doubt be eager to once again sink hours of time into practice and training in preparation to face other champions of the new game. Though the previous title in the series, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, included a versus mode much maligned for its lag and unreliability, the far more advanced online play this game will be capable of will add a massive new layer of depth to the gameplay.
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