Wii U Launch Titles Leaked By Blockbuster UK?

Images from Blockbuster UK's internal database appear to reveal the launch line-up for Nintendo's next-gen console.

According to GoNintendo, and a sneakily placed mole at Blockbuster UK, we now might have some more idea of what titles will launch alongside the Wii U console, as 25 titles have turned up on the retailer's internal database. The mole sent the website three images (like the header image above), which appear to show screens of the database, refined to show the WiiU titles listed. At this stage, of course, the list and leaked images are no more than a rumour, but they do appear to have some authenticity. Some of those included are no surprise, as they've already been announced for the upcoming Nintendo console, but there are a good few new revelations in the images taken from the Blockbuster systems. Here's the list of titles in full: Aliens: Colonial Marines Assassin's Creed Batman: Arkham City Darksiders II Dirt 3 Formula 1 All Stars Game Party Ghost Recon Online Just Dance 4 Killer Freaks from Outer Space Marvel Super Heroes Metro: Last Light Monsters Party New Super Mario Brothers Wii Ninja Gaiden 3 Pikmin Rabbids Party Land Raving Rabbids Rayman Legends Shield Pose Splinter Cell 5 Sports Connection Tekken Your Shape 2013 Zombie If this is indeed the Wii U launch list, is it enough to make you shell out the likely comparatively high launch price? There are obviously some stand-out titles in that list, but it worries me somewhat that there isn't yet a huge Wii U exclusive. I had imagined there would be some revelation at E3 of a Wii U Mario title, but the inclusion of New Super Mario Brothers Wii makes me wonder... Still, just a rumour for now. What do you think of this launch list?
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