WII U Release Date and Price to be Announced this Fall

Nintendo to make major announcements for the Wii U this fall.

Nintendo has been unusually quiet about the pricing and release date for a system that is literally just a few months away from being released. However, according to Gematsu.com we won't be finding out the price or release date until later this fall. A investor for Nintendo spilled the beans that we would get a release date and price after a September investors meeting. Here is the exact tweet from the investor:
"Nintendo Stockholders Meeting. Discussion involved the announcements of Wii U software as well as a September sale date and price announcement, Accordingly, there were discussions not just about launch titles, but announcements for next year and hereafter. Including software, seems we€™ll be waiting for September.€
The investor then made a correction in another tweet stating that it is not September that we will get an announcement but sometime this fall. That could still mean September or it could mean sometime in October, although I can't believe they would wait one month (everyone expects the Wii U to be released sometime in November) until the system launches to announce a release date and price. The other interesting thing out of this tweet is the fact we might learn about some of Nintendo's plans for the 2013 Wii U software lineup. Maybe Nintendo will announce some games they haven't mentioned yet that they expect to be released in 2013? In addition, to this point we still don't officially know all the launch day games that will be released with the Wii U which should also be announced during this investors meeting (at least according to this tweet).
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