Wii U Will Have "Simplified" Friend Codes

Friend Codes on Wii U to be "simplified" by using Miiverse.

One of the big things that Nintendo failed to mention (among other things) during their E3 press conference was a better explanation of how their online system would work. The Wii had the worst online functionality of this generation, and one of the biggest complaints among fans was the Friend Codes that you had to input. However, Nintendo doesn't seem to want to get rid of them completely, according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during a investor Q&A: €œwe€™re not completely getting rid of Friend Codes.€ Apparently the Wii U's Miiverse will €œsimplify the process of making friends with another user in the platform by eliminating the need to input Friend Codes.€ This was all the information that Iwata provided at this time, but it sounds like this time around Friend Codes might be more optional than on the Wii. But unfortunately, Nintendo seems intent on keeping us in the dark by releasing only vague information about their online services for the Wii U. The only time Nintendo has mentioned anything about their online services, like today is during investor meetings. Literally none of this information has been announced publicly for a system that will be released in a matter of months. At this point we don't even know if Nintendo will be charging a monthly fee like Microsoft or they will have a tiered payment system like Sony does for the PS3. Hopefully Nintendo will clear this all up in the near future, but at this point I am beginning to wonder if Nintendo will just announce all this the day the system is released.
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