Will Agent 47 Kill Diana Burnwood in Hitman Absolution?

When you play a Hitman game Diana Burnwood's voice is all too familiar. But for how much longer?

Diana Burnwood's ICA file: http://youtu.be/FUdL0fueejs Marsha Thomason interview: http://youtu.be/wFAtuTq-2hY Looking back to the last installment in the series Hitman: Blood Money WARNING SPOILERS FOLLOW IN BOLD.Diana served as a double agent at the close of Blood Money effectively faking 47's death and saving the ICA from being liquidated. With this information at our disposal, it seems plausible that 47 may be inclined to return the favor for Diana. With the ICA appearing to be behind the hit called upon Diana, perhaps there is more to her assassination than there appears to be. Add on the fact that the script appears to be smart and enough to capture the attention of an established actress and we can assume that her role could possibly be much more substantial. Agent 47 is more than capable of making Diana appear to have been eliminated. One of the biggest mysteries still to uncover is who the girl 47 is trying to rescue, and how she is tied to Diana. What are your thoughts? Is 47 going to pay it forward and save Diana, or is he just too much of a professional?

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