World Of Warcraft Classic: 5 Reasons It Might Fail (And Why It Won't)

You're only in one of two camps at this point.


It's so hard to believe WoW Classic is less than a month away from release.

After nearly a decade of fans pleading with Blizzard to let us re-experience the world of Azeroth that started it all, it's actually here. What an exciting time, but why do some community members continue to insist it's going to fail?

Blizzard themselves clearly had reservations about the project (aside from just technological challenges). Classic naysayers, both inside and outside the company, would have you believe the game is headed for an inevitable collapse down the road.

Nobody could possibly enjoy playing such an old-school game after getting their initial fix of nostalgia. This subgroup of Blizzard fans are ready to show up to every single WoW Classic thread, armed with various forms of "I told you so".

So let's examine what some of their reasons for scepticism might be... and why they're probably wrong.

5. Nostalgia

Activision Blizzard

The nostalgia or "rose-tinted glasses" argument has really gotten out of control over the past few years. Not just with WoW or gaming, but in general.

Without fail, if you tell people you love some piece of entertainment from when you were young, at some point you're going to be told that it's just nostalgia.

That you "only like it because it brings back memories of how life used to be".

Why That Won't Happen:

Honestly... so what? Why can't something be great on its own and nostalgic at the same time?

The fact that people have a nostalgia attachment to the game should only be a factor when figuring out how successful the game is going to be on launch - and something everyone seems to agree on, is that it's going to be huge on launch week.

The main concern a lot of people have when it comes to the game, is the longevity.

Good News! Old-school WoW, to this day, is still widely regarded as the most addictive PC game of all time. So how can anyone doubt it?


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