WWE 13: 10 Disappointing Attitude Era Moments We Don't Want To Revisit

When wrestling fans discuss the Attitude Era of WWE, one is immediately picturing the hell-raising action of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the verbal tounge-lashings of the Rock and the crude antics of Degeneration-X. It was the most successful and controversial period in the history of professional wrestling, and now in WWE 13, fans can escape back to the late 1990s, when wrestling was cool, and you probably still had hair. However, whilst the Attitude Era provided us with many memorable moments, some we are still trying to wipe from our brains and pretend that they never happened. Even the greatest period in wrestling had a few ideas that should have remained undeveloped. Whether they were too violent, too demented, or simply too dull, the following ten moments brought fans to their feet and then sent them towards the exit. I will probably need to take a shower after writing this article to cleanse my mind from the awfulness that I now present to you.

10. Road Warrior Hawk Takes A Tumble When first coming up with ideas for this list, this was the first to stick solidly in my mind. Most wrestling fans recall the Road Warriors as one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the sport. They were tough, imposing and physical, and the Doomsday Device is one of the most memorable tag team finishers ever. They had previously reformed as LOD 2000 at Wrestlemania 14 with new valet Sunny, and it seemed that they would soon be holding championship gold once again. However, as the WWE sought out the new, edgy product that was the Attitude Era, LOD were given a storyline which made Animal question Hawk's ability and commitment to wrestling. This was coming off the back of Hawk's real-life struggles with drugs and alcohol, which was already quite disturbing to see being played out on live TV. But the most horrifying moment of this entire angle came when Hawk appeared to attempt suicide by jumping off of the top of the titan tron. In case you don't see the repercussions, I can tell you that seeing a suicidal wreck every week on TV did not make for very entertaining television. This event basically ended LOD's tenure in the WWE, as they left in 1999 when nothing was made available for them. I just hope in WWE 13 this incident will not be available in the 'spectacular moments' section.
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