WWE 13 Preview: 6 Reasons Why It Is Most Exciting Wrestling Game in Years

Gaming franchises such as FIFA and Call of Duty commonly face criticism over the development of their games. It is increasingly difficult to notice differences between annual releases and that has led some fans to question whether the developers are comfortable with making few changes and fleecing the loyal fans out of their cash. If there is one company that can boast the opposite, it is THQ. Each year their popular wrestling series has made vast changes from the previous year; WWE 13 is no different. WWE 12 was hugely popular but it left a slightly bitter taste. Not enough changes were made to Universe Mode, Road to WrestleMania had become stale and the creation suites, while impressive, were too limiting. The main change was the gameplay, which was much smoother and more life-like than previous years. WWE 13 takes everything you hated or disliked about €˜12€™ and overhauls it. Road to WrestleMania is gone and in its place is a mode centered around the most popular and controversial time in WWE history; the Attitude Era. Universe Mode has had a complete facelift, offering the freedom that fans have asked for since the mode€™s inception. The creative suite is vastly improved and there are many new additions to the game that look awesome. The roster is the largest in the series€™ history, boasting 48 current superstars (not including DLC) and 36 Attitude Era wrestlers (also not including DLC). It opens up options for dream matches. Who wants to watch Shawn Michaels and The Rock go one-on-one or see CM Punk battle Stone Cold Steve Austin? All these new additions and changes are testament to the team behind WWE 13 and their willingness to listen to the fans. On paper, it looks like a dream game for wrestling fans. Here€™s why...
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