WWE 2K14: 10 Awful Wrestlers The Game Doesn't Need

King Kong Bundy

At the turn of the calendar year, 2K Sports purchased the license from THQ to produce the annual WWE game, which came at a time when just recently the future of the game was uncertain as THQ had filed for bankruptcy. This year the WWE is celebrating 30 Years of WrestleMania by creating a game mode with three decades worth of cut scenes and extraordinary matches to re-live and cut-scenes available to the player.

2K Sports is proud to present this list of what they say is "the greatest roster in franchise history", and looking at the list that is fairly difficult to dispute. When presented with the task of throwing 10 names over the top rope in this list, this writer had the ability to do half of it, with the back half coming with much difficulty. As stated above, there are a few names off the top of this writers head that there was no question they could go on the list. But the more the article progressed I realized that I would have to confess that for the purposes of the article and eliminating 10 wrestlers, that I do not feel these are "awful wrestlers". But I have found different reasons for different superstars as to why they are "awful choices". In no particular order:

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