WWE 2K14: 10 Glitches That Will Give You Nightmares

Yokozuna Gif Gif It was a brave move of 2k sports to take on the popular WWE gaming franchise, enjoyed by game and wrestling fans for years under the stewardship of THQ. The new developers were challenged with the task of producing a game that fulfilled the conventions of the old games, but which also took the franchise in some new directions as well as taking it forward. Commercially the value in the WWE gaming franchise is clear, but getting the critical plaudits can be tricky for any game, and particularly anything lumbered with an often reductive tie-in licence. But 2K swerved the pitfalls, and the results of their work was a genuinely entertaining new addition to the franchise, which took the best elements of 2K13, and expanded them to create an even greater gaming experience, even without the easily sellable Attitude Era element. As a result, WWE 2K14 is an enjoyable game, which boasts both hugely immersive single player modes, as well as a fun multiplayer, and generally speaking, the critical reception has been good. But that isn't to say this game is perfect: glitches and AI problems are a real issue, and the game can often end up being unintentionally amusing. The graphics are largely very good, but at times they throw up the kind of laugh out loud moments the makers probably aren't too proud of - frankly, it can often be a case more of glitchymania than Wrestlemania. It's a great joy in any game to have a certain ratio of glitches, after all they can unwittingly produce some fun moments, and thanks to the natural Freak Show elements of professional wrestling in real life, there was always potential for a perfect storm combining the two. And WWE 2K14 doesn't disappoint, with some incredibly odd glitchy moments that will genuinely give you nightmares...
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