WWE 2K14: 10 Wrestlers Who Should Be DLC

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Easily the most important WWE video game in quite some time, a lot is riding on 2K Games' production of WWE 2K14, the first since THQ went bankrupt earlier in the year. Though 2K have roped series veterans Yukes back into the fray, there was still a reasonable expectation that we might be seeing something a little different this time around. As it stands, play-tests from those who've got their hands on it suggest that this is a very seamless transition from WWE 13, and hasn't shaken a whole lot up in terms of gameplay or style (not that this is particularly a bad thing). To date, the roster has been only partially announced, mostly devoted to the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode, while the contemporary roster remains largely a mystery. As a result, we've selected 10 wrestlers we want to see as DLC - 5 from the current roster, and 5 legends - assuming that they aren't announced for the game itself in due course...

10. Bray Wyatt

Wwe 13 Bray Wyatt Though it would be cool to see the entire Wyatt Family show up, it's perhaps more reasonable to expect Yukes to deliver the most developed and characteristic of the stable, Bray, who has recently been involved in a feud with Kane, which led to their infamously awful Ring of Fire match at this year's Summerslam. Easily one of the most mysterious and interesting characters in recent WWE memory, it'd be a blast to play as the grizzled psychopath, though given his recent appearance on the scene - and these games' rather early production deadlines - he would have to appear as DLC rather than a playable character right off the bat. Disappointingly, this has already been shot down on Twitter by the developers, who simply noted that "debut too late into production. Next year." Though production has to be run tightly, isn't the whole point of DLC not to include those wrestlers who couldn't make the cut-off? If the DLC wrestlers were agreed upon long ago, doesn't that seem like something of a waste? Nevertheless, I hope the devs can change their tune and realise how these staggered releases really need to operate.
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