WWE 2K14: 7 Things We Want To See In WWE 2K15

Wwe2k14 2014 will be a big year for the WWE video game series. With next generation consoles launching in Europe at the end of the month, 2K Sports will take their recently-acquired brawling franchise onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With that comes a lot of possibilities for the future of the franchise - better graphics, better gameplay and maybe even a complete overhaul of '14, which came out earlier in November. '14 was a pretty solid attempt, considering this was 2K's first real go at things since taking over from the defunct THQ, and the '30 Years of WrestleMania Mode' made for days of fun. But, essentially, it was practically the same game as its predecessor, and changes though perhaps not wholesale, need to be made to freshen up a series that is now 13 years old. Commentary has become stale, the gameplay mechanics are in desperate need of change and the visuals have been the same for three years. However, with the virtually-endless possibilities afforded to it by next generation hardware, 2K have an opportunity to make a real statement of intent next year with their grappling game. And here, we take a look at 7 Things We Want To See In WWE 2K15. Click "Next" to get started.
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